Got a project you’re working on? Releasing a single in the near future or looking to promote a current single? Looking to boost your web impressions with quality content? How about an interview? I’VE GOT YOU COVERED.


Nothing is more engaging, informative, interesting and impressive to clients and fans than an audio interview. An audio interview with quality questions and interesting issues can get your message to a wider and more interested audience. It allows people to get to know you on a seemingly more intimate level making them more likely to support your endeavors going forward. Audio interviews have the ability to TURN LISTENERS INTO FANS AND TURN FANS INTO CUSTOMERS!
10252132_10152158254888003_60582416754135487_nWith MrMAGIC OFFICIAL | CONTET CREATION SERVICE, u will get an informative interview with useful, quality questions that will draw your fans in. The interview can include one to two songs if you desire for no additional charge. Many other web services and developers require Skype or some other complicated formats and charge $80 to $140 dollars for such a useful piece of content like an interview BUT with MrMAGIC OFFICIAL | CONTENT CREATION SERVICES all u need is a phone and $40 bucks. The end result will be in either WAV or MP3 format (which ever you prefer) which is fully compatible with CDs, Soundcloud pages and many other web services like Vimeo and YouTube making it fully web shareable.

2172881-green-vector-illustration-interview-clip-artContact me today so we can get to work on a quality piece of content specially made for you and your brand. My advice to musicians, models, and artists of all kind is to NEVER BE AFRAID TO INVEST IN YOURSELVES. Make that investment in yourself and let’s create something that is top quality and never expires.