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Peace&Love AlbumCover live in woodstock ga

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    Grey Sunday is a southern rock band formed in Atlanta Georgia by like minded buddies, including our very own MRMAGIC, who share a love of making music. It consists of Peter Aguilar (rhythm guitar),  Mike Houser (lead guitar), Ronnie Caranto (Base), Bob Snider (drums), and Leahny Henderson & Malou Gann on vocals BUT this one night only event featured MrMagic ONLY and gave the ladies the night off. He was also accompanied by Georgia Country Music Hall of Fame alumni Gary H. Ragan Sr. for an impromptu performance of “Honky Tonk Woman” by The Rolling Stones.

MrMagic’s deep and soulful lyrics have captured the attention of critics around the world and his smooth delivery and knack for melodies make his latest album “Peace & Love”, released under Tate Music Group, the perfect backdrop for that intimate & fun evening with wine and friends OR maybe with that special someone you love.

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