HEYLETS | Greatest New iPhone & Android APP 


bGk32ItEvery week, new iPhone or Android apps are released and many go unnoticed no matter how profound, useful and brilliant they are. The high majority are disposable and complete wastes of memory space. Being on the lookout for a helpful app can be hard but allow me to refer you to an amazing app essential for people who a.) love to travel, b.) frequent many exotic and interesting places, or c.) are looking for the best spots in their own area. If you fell into one of these categories, YOU NEED HEYLETS!!!!

HEYLETS is a social city guide app that allowed its users to both enjoy discovering new experiences in your town or vacation destination AND share your discoveries with other users. It’s like a hybrid Twitter/Instagram/Yelp. You can download it anywhere in the whole world and it’s headquartered in San Francisco.
The good thing about HEYLETS is that it’s POWERED BY LOCALS & BUILT ON POSITIVITY! Resident of various cities give u the inside scoop on where to go for a good time and a great meal and usually they know all the cheap spots. One tip from yours-truly is to follow the college kids. They know all the affordable ways to have a good time in any town.

The reviews are literally ALL POSITIVE. Everything on HEYLETS is a recommendation!!! It allows u to share many and almost ANY recommendation. From a water-park, to a zoo, to a French restaurant, to a specialty grocery store. Share all the great places u can’t live without and help their business.

Download HEYLETS know and let people WISHLIST your recommendations and u just may become “THE MOST POPULAR GUY or LADY IN YOUR TOWN”.