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UMG-Debuted-Amy-Winehouse-Documentary-Trailer-News-FDRMX-1024x576Being a music superstar these days is a whole lot different from being one in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and even the 90’s. The approach that music production is taken now-a-days leaves a person with no reason to convey any emotion, have any connection to the song they are singing, or, in reality, possess any real vocal ability. The world we live in is digital and the world of music recording is even more digital still. However, an artist bursted on the mainstream US scene in late 2006 heralding a retro vibe many listeners had never been introduced to. This artists instant fame was only overshadowed by her surprising and untimely demise in July of 2011 at the age of 27. I am speaking about the amazing AMY WINEHOUSE.

AmyWinehouse2004PA230711Amy Jade Winehouse was Americas favorite export from north London after we heard her smash hit single “Rehab” from her acclaimed album “Back to Black” which won her 5 American Grammy Awards. Though that song was clearly dope, she is far more than just that song. She started off with the multi platinum album “Frank” released in 2003 which, though successful abroad, was not very widely know in the US prior to her death. 

There is so much emotion in her songs and there is no denying that no one had the ability at the time to be so lyrically expressive. Her pain was so well documented in her album “Back to Black” that the listener an almost feel like they knew her and viewed first hand her tumultuous relationship with “BLAKE”.  Though she herself describes her debut album as a Jazz album, it is clear that her second album was a Blues album and in the style of many blues singers, she turned to drugs, partying, and mostly alcohol to release the pain she couldn’t release thru her music. Though many people believe her death was cause by an overdose, THAT IS FALSE!! Her medical cause of death was alcohol withdrawal which is a harsh and painful way to die.

02abfa4305f0cb4a1a0b1885f71a9e61In my opinion, which I have said in many blogs and interviews, Amy Winehouse is the best artist of ALL TIME. My reason for feeling this way is this; being a songwriter is an extreme process. Most artists (term used very loosely) today hire high paid songwriters to write their song like Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Beyoncé only because the life they live, in my opinion, isn’t worth writing about. Amy experienced emotions that we all can relate to. She is THE MOST UNDERRATED ARTIST OF ALL TIME.


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