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My latest album “Peace & Love” was released on August 12th 2014. Since then, I have recieved many accolades for the album as a whole. I went out of my way to, from start to finish, create a vibe and a feeling upon pressing play to ensure that not only did the listener feel compelled to listen thru from start to finish but they were pleased and could feel me and understand my feelings. Being understood has always been my goal.

This past Wednesday, I was surprised to discover that, out of COUNTLESS independent artists and musicians in the United States, that I, MrMAGIC, was awarded an Akademia Music Award for the best R&B/Soul album. Here is the website.

I am extremely humbled and grateful for the amount of praise I recieved from the panal at the Akademia Music Awards. They said some very complimentary things about my album and the album production which, for an artist, is super high praise. I make music to express myself but I also create music so that you, the listener, can have some music in your music library with actual emotional value that u can connect with which, now-a-days is very hard to come by.

Press “PEACE & LOVE” to hear and order this album.

Much love to u,



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