New Janet Jackson 2015 under Atlantic Records

1414956465964_Image_galleryImage_DUBAI_UNITED_ARAB_EMIRATEThere is no official confirmation from a record company or the artist, but many different sources are pointing to a new Janet Jackson album on July 7.

Many of the sources, which include Gigwise and Stereogum, have contacted local major retailers who have all confirmed that Jackson is on their future release schedule.

The firmest information seems to be from the website JanetClub who posted a picture of a promo disc from a local FYE store:

They also posted the original schedule that started people looking into whether the date was true.

Right now, Jackson has not officially announced that she is affiliated with a label although site Chicago Defender said on May 8 that she has signed with Atlantic Records; however, they are reporting a July 7 release. Which is correct is in question as this is the time when the world is supposed to be transitioning to a common Friday release date, which would make July 10 more likely.

Jackson’s last album, Discipline, did go to number 1 but faded quickly soon after and was considered a sales disappointment. After seven straight platinum albums, Discipline failed to even achieve goldrs_300x300-150211114724-600-janet-jackson-milan_ls_21115

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