Poetry Atlanta 5/19/15


This edition of POETRY ATLANTA highlights Oakland born emcee, Quace.

601077_443421499064125_1554913321_nQuace is a versatile emcee who really wants to contribute to Hip Hop. His biggest influences mostly consists of Tupac, Little Brother, Mos Def and Nas. He’s still searching for a way to stand out creating his own unique style. Driven by his dream to be an elite emcee he expresses it through his lyrics. At the early age of ten he started writing poetry and listening to different forms of music. After mastering poems he decided to give music some attention. He hasn’t looked back since with one belief that God is always on his side he puts his whole being into his music.


10429264_10153295630341518_6575355008229763005_nAlong with being a multifaceted emcee, he is also a 2008 graduate of West Valley College and a founding partner and consultant with the IDLife corporation. Along with those achievements, he is also a skilled graffiti artist. I have personally know this brotha for 3 years and I can say from experience that this dude has some extremely skilled freestyle chops. COME CHECK HIM OUT THIS FRIDAY AT 8 AT THE FAMOUS APACHE CAFE IN ATLANTA.


Here is his contribution to the POETRY ATLANTA forum…

Can you do the math?
Can you even add?
Oddly enough can you even fathom it, man?
To live all these years in this pigmented skin!
while the pigs just waiting for a chance to drag you in…
if your lucky, wondering which hand they gonna plant it in
still be killed while never taking life for granted damn!
Been told hella times to not post my thoughts
Am I supposed to be like “I’ll never speak!” cross my heart
is this why my 4 fathers was murder by your 4 fathers
8 men couldn’t solve all men’s problems?
I swear everyday I feel like a contradiction because my history books contained fiction
these tongue biters deathly afraid of that friction
If I have to burn for being me bring that heat on
In hells kitchen in apron making sure the meats on
They like “let the past be the past”
Okay sure! when did you see your son last?
was it right before he took that fatal gun blast?
Or was it after you seen “your” own blood ran?
Draining from every hole
Like raising him didn’t take a toll?
One life ends but several get ruined
Sons without fathers because the government took’em
Wives without husbands with their daughters looking
Racism still exist while some act like it’s not a gorilla in our midst
A white elephant taking all your shit!
This not a angry black man who’s not taking responsibility
this is man who knows that there are endless possibilities
just a slight skew in probability
I had to discover my own vitality
Yeah you can blame us for the looting and the shooting
the selling and the boosting
but when them hens come home to roost in
I know I won’t be the one losing with excuses….
know your worth…I’ am king


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